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Personal Trainer, Hollywood-based A-List Trainer and sculpting master Mike T. has been keeping Celebrities in shape for over 5 years. Here he lets you in on this 30-DAY ONLINE FULL-BODY TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM that will get you toned FROM HEAD TO TOE.

You will be getting up-close and personal with Mike T. and your favorite Celebrities, while receiving all of the exclusive tips and tricks used to help her stay in shape. In addition, you will receive nutrition advice and guidance for developing a winning mindset!


✔️Workouts Designed by Celebrity Trainer Mike T. 

✔️30-Day Challenge with Daily Workout regimens. 

✔️Exclusive Access to Exercise Videos Featuring Your Favorite Celebrities.

✔️Modified workouts for use at the gym or from home 

✔️Scientifically backed Diet and Nutrition Tips to maximize results.


If you are working out from home, all equipment below is recommended (but not mandatory) for the challenge: 

*Resistance Bands(light-middle resistance)

*Pair of Dumbbells (two light for Upper body + two heavier for Lower body) 

*Barbell  (with weights)

*Core Sliders (for ab workouts)

*Jump Rope

*2 ankle weights

*Med ball

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